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Looking for a roleplay where the actor is totally comfortable with business?

Looking to give your people a credible, live and realistic practice situation?

Looking for your team to receive forensic behavioral feedback?

Looking for a roleplay where the actor is interested in your learning, not their performance?

Then use our roleplayers.

Our Operations team ensures that you have the right roleplayers for your requirements - whether that means industry knowledge, cultural awareness or behavioural fit.

So what sets us apart? Our existing clients consistently tell us that it comes down to three factors:


All our roleplayers are familiar with a broad range of industries and professions. We run Knowledge and Network evenings and have built a very strong internal network.


The level and detail of our feedback is "second to none". We provide in-house training to ensure that all our roleplayers develop feedback skills and insight.


All our roleplayers are experienced in liaising with you, our clients. We want to make sure the event is a success with the appropriate blend of challenge and fun.


How can you ensure that participants on training events receive the right feedback and input and are encouraged to adopt the new techniques and behaviours experienced?

Actors in Industry has developed a critical role in interactive training – the Facilitator/Roleplayer.

Their role is to:

Deliver a credible, realistic roleplay.

Manage the process after the skills practice.

Lead the group feedback.

Use models and frameworks as appropriate.

And all at less than a typical rate for a trainer.

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